KABS or Kinesiology Acupressure Balancing System is a series of seven classes designed by Steven Hansen, that teaches a complete Energy Kinesiology system of healing. It teaches how to balance and heal the body, mind and spirit of a client for greater health and wellness.

Tools of Kinesiology is a thorough introduction to Energy Kinesiology techniques. It teaches basic muscle response testing, pause lock, jaw stacking, meridian points and basic meridian balancing, emotional release, nutritional healing, and how to assure that your muscle testing is accurate. – 2 days

KABS teaches how to heal the human energy fields. It teaches balancing techniques for the meridian and eight-extra-meridian systems, the Chakra system, the Dan Tien system, The Tree of Life, The Higher Self connection, and the Axiotonal, or cosmic-meridian-connection system. It teaches a way of quickly de-stressing the body, and quickly getting a person out of a healing crisis. – 3 days

KABS and The Body teaches how to access and heal the body using multiple muscle tests for specific meridians. It teaches how to align and strengthen the spine, healing the cause of pain, removing toxins, and balancing the body for viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. – 3 days

KABS and The Brain teaches how to heal the brain waves and functions of the brain. It shows how to make the brain an integrated network in three dimensions. It balances for individual brain-wave frequencies, and for pathological brain-wave states. It teaches and balances the source of stress in the brain. – 3 days

KABS and The Spirit teaches the connection strategies between the body and spirit. It shows how to incorporate spiritual tools to speed the balancing process in the body, and specifically learn to balance for angelic connection, grounding, light bodies, higher and lower chakras, higher senses, auric holes and shielding, energy cords and Karma. – 3 days

KABS and The Psyche teaches how to balance the emotions and thoughts in our lives that are creating stress and dis-ease. It goes deeply into the process of how we create in our lives, and heals the core problems. It also balances the archetypes, or roles that we play in life. – 3 days

KABS Advanced teaches advanced techniques for finding and resolving issues with a client. It has a deep system of body-state restoration and a system for balancing the connections between the various energies in the body. – 3 days

After the KABS series, there are other, more involved classes done in conjunction with Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, and requiring some NK as a prerequisite.

Infection Pathways I teaches pathogen immunity balances by clearing stress from the adaptive immune system for a powerful, appropriate and lasting immune response—2 days.

Autoimmune Pathways I shows how to balance the control system of the immune cells in order to subdue any over-activation that is creating a chronic infection—1 day.